Voices of Nicaragua

April 18, 2018 changed my life forever. I had no idea that from that day until the 17 of July, my whole life would change. I wouldn’t be able see my family, friends, or my country again. I would be forced to drop out in my senior year of college, one semester away from graduation and move to a country that I knew nothing about, almost 10,000 km away from home, putting a “STOP” in my life for over a year and feeling locked in the biggest prison in the world, only being able to watch as other people kept up with their goals and making me think “Why can’t I have the same opportunies?”. All this happened because one man decided that if I didn’t have the same political views as him didn’t follow him, and instead, helped the innocent, that would make ME a terrorist.

But, in hindsight, I don’t regret anything, because I know that even being so far away, I have done the right thing: fighting for the freedom of my country and my own future. I’m from Nicaragua, a small country that only few know how to locate on a map. Since April 18, 2018, my country has been living under bloody and violent government repression that has killed, injured and imprisoned hundreds of innocent people. In all of this time, I have learned how evil the world can be; I have seen people die, starve, get poisoned, get shot and even get hit until they lose their consciousness. Every time we got between a crossfire, I became a doctor, a journalist, a politician, a soldier, a bodyguard, and even a psychologist. When this nightmare began, I was a normal 19 year-old girl -an architecture student who loved to go to parties and have dinners with friends, celebrate family traditions and discover new places in my country; I knew nothing about real violence. My biggest dream is being able to travel the world and learn about new cultures and ideas, so that one day, when I can come back to Nicaragua, I can start building a better place.

My only hope is that the people that I had to leave in Nicaragua are still alive and still waiting for me.

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