Taking the decision to migrate from the country that saw your birth is not easy. You leave everything behind, your house, family, friends, plans for the future and everything that you have been building through the years. 

I chose to leave Nicaragua 5 months ago, after spilling tears and without being able to say goodbye to the people I love. I traveled more than 8000kms to a totally different country together with my 2 sons and husband. 

When I arrived in the Netherlands I was very afraid of not knowing what was waiting for me and leaving behind the plans I was making for the future. Since I finished university I worked hard with my whole intention of giving a better life for my family. But here everything changed 180 degrees. Being in an asylum I could not work and your life is just in pause for 2 years, which is the time that whole procedure takes. 

As a refugee, el Dutch government places you in a centrum called AZC (Asylum Seeker Center). Here you find people from all nationalities, so being tolerant is the key of living with others. 

As a mother, my main interest is the safety of my sons, this is why I encourage them of making activities together in the center, teaching them how to move around in the country and this has made our bonds stronger. The first thing I did was take my kids out and walk through the city and teach them how to find places and move around. I want to give my kids back the feeling of safety they lost because of the situation in Nicaragua. 

In the AZC we are staying, we as refugees try to live life the most casual way as possible, going to the gym, using computers, attending classes, painting, hand activities. And thanks to the fact of having 24 hours of internet we have been able to communicate with the people back home. 

I get a small compensation with helping cleaning the center, and it also helps me clear and keep my mind busy for a while. I also go twice a week to a church nearby to learn dutch, still my kids help me with pronunciation and little by little we are starting to adapt and make the best out of the situation. 

The best I have learned from this whole experience is not staying in the room just lamenting what happened. No everyday is easy and sometimes I feel lost and without a path. These moments I just try to remember that I have the opportunity to move on and everyday I’m searching for things to use my mind, integrate and find new ways of reinventing myself. 


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