How has Nicaragua ended on the top 10 Gender equality rank for years?

It the first month of 2020, 6 women have been killed. In 2019, it was 45. Since 2010 a woman gets killed by a man on average once a week. It’s not weird to see the headers of woman being lost and found a week later on the news.

For years Nicaragua has around of 4000 – 5000 reported rape cases (12.3 rapes a day in a country with less than 7 million people), but it its very sure this number could be much high, as many cases never get reported. More than two thirds of these rapes are for girls under 17 years.

“Sexual violence against girls is so brutal and so naturalized in the country that it is considered normal, and machismo underlies it all.”

– Mayte Ochoa, reproductive rights organisation

In 2016 Daniel Ortega took down the “Police station for women and children” / Comisaría de la mujer y la niñez. But still more than 150 woman die of pregnancy-related issues for every 100,000 live births, according to the world bank. And also has one of the highest rates of sexual abuse and violence against girls in the world.

When it came to global rankings regarding gender equality, the World Economic Forum ranked Nicaragua at number twelve in 2015, while in 2016 it ranked tenth, and in 2017 the country ranked sixth.

These ranks are hard to believe for women living in Nicaragua. The methods used to give ranks to these countries are based mostly on how many women occupy high rank positions. But it barely takes into account the life in the street of women and childs.

The index measures women’s position compared to men in their country, not to women in other places, according to a BBC report.

According to a BBC report, this index measures women’s position compared to men in the country. But it does not compare women with other countries. So a women ranks high in Nicaragua if the gap is shorter between man in Nicaragua, but it does not compare them to women in other more developed countries.

Photo by: Aljazeera

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