To build a better future, we need to learn from the past.

In the 80’s after the last Somoza was defeated, a group of young leaders took the handles of the country and were known as “Los comandantes”which were 9. They we’re seen as hero’s and some people recall they were almost praised as god like figures. One of these commandants was Daniel Ortega, current dictator of the country.

They were the rulers of the FSLN party (Frente sandinista de liberaciĆ³n nacional / Sandinista Front of National Liberation).

The name given to the party is inspired by the fight of Augusto Sandino. One of the biggest political figures in the history of Nicaragua. He fought and gave his life to fight against the regime of the first Somoza dictator in the 30’s and was stabbed in the back by Somoza and killed.

Now, the FSLN, (Sandinista Front of National Liberation), now sounds like a big irony and a joke to many. Leaders of this party are the ones stopping the country from making steps towards a better future and imposing and authoritarian regime. Also denying and implementing in no way the global goals set by the UN.

Democracy gives countries the chance for newer generations to lead a country and have fresh perspectives and choices, and move towards a better future.

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